11 Coolest Carts From Phoenix Idiotarod 2015

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There were also impromptu fights between teams outside of race checkpoints likes Bandaids Show Club or SideBar that involved paint or chocolate sauce being thrown, unusual physical challenges like recreating the "Gangham Style" dance or shooting potato guns at other stops along the way, and plenty of other mischief and merriment taking place.

Honorable mentions: Some of the teams that just missed the cut include Black Pat and His Colored Friends, Carebear Stare, Death Cart, Nice Dreams, and Kissing Booth.

And just like any other edition of the Phoenix Idiotarod, each of the 36 teams involved (some featuring anywhere from five to 10 members) had its own unique theme, costume selection, and decorated cart, many of which were inspired by movies, pop culture, and various Internet oddities. True to form, this year's entries included such disparate subject matter as KISS, the Care Bears, Crayola crayons, strip clubs, Vikings, and Hot Wheels, as well as two groups that riffed on Animal House.

While we salute each and every one of the Phoenix Idiotarod teams for their creativity and moxy, there were 11 that we especially enjoyed and felt were more attention-grabbing than the rest.

Spice Girls/Backstreet Boys

Crossdressing is sort of a common thing at Phoenix Idiotarod as a number of guys will don drag (and vice-versa) for comic effect or if their team's theme calls for it. Such was the case at this year's event as there were at least two gender-bending groups of participants, both of which riffed on a pair of legendary pop bands of the late '90s. One team of female friends parodied the Backstreet Boys, including aping the infamous boy band's all-white threads from their mega-popular album Millennium and creating a rocket ship-like cart that may have been inspired by the spacecraft from the music video for "Larger Than Life."

Conversely, there were the four dudes (and one woman teammate) who vamped it up as the members of the Spice Girls and had a cart modeled after the two-story bus from 1997's so-bad-its-good Spice World movie. It led to a funny scene at the checkpoint in the Willo district where a couple of actual double-decker busses were parked for the neighborhood's annual home tour.

Dirty Daisies

Having grown up in the '80s, we were definite fans of The Dukes of Hazzard, its memorable theme song, and (naturally) its signature car, the General Lee. And while a shopping cart might make for an awkward frame to work around when recreating the famed vehicle, as evidenced by this team's rather bulky rendition of the iconic orange vehicle, we enjoyed the fact they made the effort, at least. While it would've been cool if the cart would've attempted a few death-defying jumps like the ones seen on the show, we're pretty sure the cart wouldn't have survived said stunt.

At any rate, this ensemble offered most of the show's retinue of characters, such as Bo and Luke, Uncle Jesse, Boss Hogg, and bumbling sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane and his equally bumbling deputy, Enos Strate. And, yes, there was also a few Daisy Dukes, all of whom were wearing, um, daisy dukes.

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