11 Coolest Carts From Phoenix Idiotarod 2015

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Upper Deckers

Admittedly, the inspiration behind this cart is decidedly vile and downright offensive, especially if you're familiar with the scatological slang term that it references. All that said, it made for one of the funnier Idiotarod entries. And while the race's organziers strictly forbid competitors throwing human waste at anyone else, there's no rule against dressing up as it.

All all five participants (including local residents James Frink, Paul Weldon, Peter Bugg, and Mark Weldon) dressing as enormous turds and rolling around with a cart decked out like a giant toilet that was manned by a blow-up doll. "That's kind of how we roll," says team member Ryan Rafert, "We're all just real shitheads."

Their crap-tastic costumes didn't last long, however, as the warmer-than-normal temperatures on Saturday (which got as high as 81 degrees) caused the Upper Deckers to ditch the stifling outfits by the second stop of the race in the Willo neighborhood. Feel free to insert your own "hot shit" jokes here.

Skunk as Drunk

These guys were a bunch of stinkers, to put it mildly. And we say that not just because they were all dressed as anthropomorphized skunks. At various points throughout Saturday's race, this fivesome (who pushed around a giant "Butt Light" beer can) kept repeatedly throwing some rather smelly stink bombs on the ground, resulting in many participants holding their noses or gagging.

It was all part of the fun of the Idiotarod, which typically involves teams tossing all manner of items and substances at one another in order to sabotage the competition, and was quite an amusing sight, even if we were one of the those plugging up our noses until the stink passed.


Much has been written online about the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot/sequel and the fact it will sport an all-girl cast. Not everyone is thrilled with the prospect, but we're totally behind it. And apparently, so are the members of this Idiotarod cart, which featured a female Ghostbuster, as well as a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, a Zuul-possesed Dana Barrett (a.k.a. The Gatekeeper), Vinz Clortho (a.k.a. The Keymaster), and one member who came as the Ghostbuster symbol. What made the cart even cooler was that it resembled a giant ghost trap.

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