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11 Must-See Art Exhibitions in Metro Phoenix This Fall

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"From Lemons to Lingerie: The Still-Life Redefined" Mesa Contemporary Arts September 13 through January 5, 2014

If you're a fan of Surrealism, you'll want to check out this exhibition of work by Linda Ingraham and Tom Eckert. The show focuses on how these two local artists interpret (and re-interpret) the still life. It's an interesting pairing: Ingraham works with mixed media and Eckert creates wooden sculptures. Eckert writes, "Since childhood, I have been curious about and amused by mistaken impressions of reality presented as part of my visual experiences." This visual trickery carries over to his work, and this particular selection of Ingraham's work as well. It should be a mind-bending experience.

"Ground Cover" Eye Lounge October 18 through November 17

Ground Cover is the brainchild of local artist Ann Morton, who is all about using art as a means of social intervention. The long-term goal of the project is to cover a vacant lot in downtown Phoenix with a giant blanket, which subsequently will be divvied up to provide cover to homeless individuals in the area. Morton's show at Eye Lounge is a precursor to this installation, but it should reveal a bit of the process behind the larger undertaking. Small sections of the eventual blanket have been constructed by volunteers across the United States. In this way, the object's creation is a sort of social project in its own right.

Art Intersection's Third Annual Silent Auction Art Intersection Preview on November 2; auction on December 7

This annual auction is a great way to become familiar with some of the most skilled photographers working in the Valley (and pick up some of their artwork on the cheap, if you're lucky). Pieces are donated by artists who want to make sure Art Intersection can keep doing it's thing; in addition to functioning as a gallery, the organization offers tons photography-related workshops each month. It can be hard to justify the trip out to Gilbert, we know. But this art will rock, and you'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside from supporting a great cause.

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Katrina Montgomery