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11 Must-See Art Exhibitions in Metro Phoenix This Fall

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"Chaos Theory 14" Legend City Studios 6 p.m. to midnight October 4

Last year, we were generally pretty impressed with Randy Slack's annual exhibition, Chaos Theory, and we sort of expect this show to only get better with age. Well, here's hoping. This year's exhibition will feature the artwork of more than 60 artists, including James Angel, David Dauncey, Carrie Marill, Pete Deise, Colin Chillag, Kristin Bauer, and Steven Yazzie (to name a few). You can expect a wide range of media and styles along with a live musical performance by Cherie Cherie.

"Celebration of the Living (who reflect upon the dead)" Combine Studios September 24 through November 9

As part of ASU Art Museum's International Artist Residency Program, the Italian artist collective Lu Cafausu is devising a project involving the local arts community in downtown Phoenix at Combine Studios. According to Greg Esser, who has been coordinating with the artists, "The public is invited to learn about the project and to help shape the route and content for a pilgrimage in downtown Phoenix led by Bad Cactus Brass Band on November 2." Lu Cafausu presented a similar project at dOCUMENTA, a highly respected contemporary art festival that takes place each year in Germany. If you're looking to expand your idea of art, this is the event for you.

Takashi Murakami Phoenix Art Museum Now through December 2013

Takashi Murakami has been called "the Japanese Andy Warhol" on more than one occasion, but the internationally renowned artist transcends that moniker. In mid-August, the Phoenix Art Museum installed 10 of Murakami's pieces in the Lower Katz Gallery, with little to no public acknowledgement of the show. (The exhibition is nowhere to be found on the museum's website). We suspect Murakami's temperament may have something to do with this non-exhibition exhibition, as the artist is known for being hard to work with. But the collection of his works is, without a doubt, the best thing you can see at PAM this season.

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