11 Must-See Halloween Parties in Metro Phoenix

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11. Giligin's It's guaranteed that revelers throughout Scottsdale will wear any number of outrageous costumes during the weekend proceeding All Hallows Eve. But none of 'em will be as eye-catching as the unique outfit that will be sported by Chuey the Rock 'n' Roll Midget during Giligin's annual Halloween Block Party. (For instance, as the above photo depicts, he once dressed as the clown version of John Wayne Gacy.) It's one of the many highlights of the tiki bar's two-night celebration, which kicks off on Friday, October 26, and will also include music, games, and a costume contest with a Jägermeister as the grand prize. Gates open at 11 a.m. Admission is free.

10. Stone Rose Lounge Speaking of interesting-looking costumes, the attendees of this North Scottsdale lounge's annual "Nightmare on Princess Drive" party always seem to pull out the stops with their Halloween get-ups each and every Halloween. We've witnessed some rather intricate and stunning costumes at the event (which takes place within the confines the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess) including a towering version of Optimus Prime, life-sized Barbie dolls in authentic packaging, and an entire entourage of gorgeous geisha girls. This year's party has a "Bride of Frankenstein" theme and will feature such delicious-sounding themed cocktails as the "Candy Corn Martini" and the "Jack-O-Lantern." The party kicks off at 9 p.m. Admission is free.

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