11th Annual Chandler Classic Car and Hot Rod Show

While the rest of the nation may be anticipating the coming of spring, particularly those out east, we Arizonans know that the month of March simply means that the heat is about to come marching. So when the 11th Annual Chandler Classic Car and Hot Rod Show rolls through downtown Chandler on Saturday, February 28, live it up. Even if the sun is sweltering, you can at least cling psychologically to the last vestige of our desert winter, that, technically, it’s still February, dammit. Enjoy yourself, day-drink, check out some amazing vehicles, and soak up some sun before such activities become fatally dangerous. There’s a beer garden for goodness sake. The events free to the public from 10 to 4 pm. For details visit or call 480-389-7709. 

Sat., Feb. 28, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., 2015
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Rob is a Phoenix native, husband, dad, and an active member in the local music scene. He's written original songs for feature films.
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