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12: Carolyn Lavender

12: Carolyn Lavender

Carolyn Lavender is a Phoenix artist who was raised in the Northwest. Her work has been political, abstract, and self-portrait based. Most often she is exploring ideas with animal images.

She graduated from ASU in 1992 with a MFA in drawing and has since shown steadily. She was included in ASU Art Museum's "Democracy in America" show in 2004 and helped found the eye lounge collective in Phoenix.

1. List five things on your inspiration wall: - A Life magazine photo of a mother black bear carrying her hairless cub in her mouth. I clipped this photo when I was in grade school and it has been hanging where I can see it ever since. I never tire of it. - On the same wall with the bear photo is my mummified rat that has been spray-painted gold. Not sure why my husband sprayed this guy gold after we found him, but it is one of my favorite things. - My journals, which are stacks of notebooks that I have been writing in since age 14. They started to get visually interesting in the early '90s when I began collaging in them. - My yard. It is a place where I can deal with scale, manipulate nature, plant obsessively, and observe urban wildlife. - Art history. While my interests continually evolve, the subject never gets old.

2. What was your last big project? Last fall I finished a 24 x 54" piece that took almost 3 months of more than full time work to complete. It is an intricate graphite drawing that is a mindscape picturing the scene of an actual suicide of someone I met once. I populated the scene in the woods with 50 birds and animals that are reacting to the sadness of the place.

3. What's your next big project? The "What Goes On and What Takes Place" show at Modified Arts in February 2011. Monica Aissa Martinez curated Sue Chenoweth, Mary Shindell and I in what will be a four-person group show. The large canvas piece I am doing will have 200 individual animal portraits all drawn in graphite. Each animal is making eye contact with the viewer. It will be the most time-intensive piece I have ever done.

4. Why do you do what you do? It is like talking and breathing, it can't be separated from who I am and how I live.

5. What's something you want Phoenix to know about you? I like to walk the walk. I am a sometimes neighborhood activist, political activist, feral cat tamer, and I always recycle, compost, and conserve. I am proud of 18 years of teaching art part-time. And if you're game, what's something you don't want Phoenix to know about you? Maybe Phoenix doesn't want to know that I collect and keep the shed cat claws I find in the house from my two cats. I have filled five-eighths of an inch of a spice jar in three years.

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