12 Celebrities Who Live in Arizona

Despite any rumors you may have heard or read, Nicolas Cage doesn't own a home in Arizona, nor does he spend much time here. Ditto for Johnny Depp, Vince Vaughn, and Madonna, for that matter.

Sure, Arizona has more than its fair share of celebrities within its borders at any given time, but they're mostly here for a short visit or to vacay in such stylish locales as Scottsdale or Sedona. However, a number of famous names and high-profile personalities, ranging from athletes to actors, spend much more time here -- including the following celebs who consider Arizona to be their home.

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Maybe you've spotted them at a high-end grocery store in North Scottsdale or even at your favorite five-star restaurant. If you haven't, be sure to keep an eye out for any of the stars making up this list, because you might just run into them sometime.

12. Frankie Muniz

If you happen to score something snazzy from local retro boutique Arcadia Vintage, you're likely helping line the pockets of this former child star. Muniz, who traded barbs for years with a pre-Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston on Malcolm in the Middle and currently races cars and drums in rock bands, has resided in the Valley with his fiancée Elycia Marie, the owner of the shop, for the better part of the past decade. In 2007, the couple eschewed Hollywood in favor of Phoenix life and we've seen him bombing around town now and again, like when he turned out for our annual Best of Phoenix A'Fare last year at the Arizona Biltmore.

11. Doug Stanhope

When caustic stand-up comic Doug Stanhope isn't touring clubs around the country, he lives with his girlfriend Amy "Bingo" Bingaman in a rainbow-colored domicile known as the "Fun House" in the southern Arizona mining town of Bisbee. Fans of the comedian probably already know this, since he records his outstanding weekly podcast there most of the time and hosts an annual Super Bowl party at the place. Stanhope's also gotten involved with local politics, like when he vociferously protested the inclusion of prayer at a Bisbee Town Council meeting last year.

10. Bret Michaels

According to an interview with our sister blog Up on the Sun in 2012, the Poison singer "fell in love with the Southwest" as a teenager and eventually would up purchasing a home near Pinnacle Peak and Pima roads in North Scottsdale. It's a move that probably saved his life, since Michaels credits the docs at St. Joseph Hospital's Barrow Neurological Institute who "pretty much saved my life" after enduring a brain hemorrhage and heart issues in 2010.

9. Daniel Bryan

Despite being born in Aberdeen, Washington, whenever Daniel Bryan enters a ring, the WWE's current World Heavyweight Champion currently lives with his new wife (and wrestling diva) Brie Bella in North Scottsdale. And per a recent piece in Phoenix Magazine and episodes of the WWE reality show Total Divas, the couple has hung out at such local spots as Crossfit Full Strength, North, and Chelsea's Kitchen.

8. Danica Patrick

This world-famous racecar driver and star of Go Daddy's trashy Super Bowl commercials lives pretty large in her 7,531-square-foot mansion near Taliesin West in North Scottsdale. According to an ESPN blog, the $1.9 million estate boasts six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a wine cellar, gym, and even a seven-car garage (although we're guessing Patrick doesn't keep any of the souped-up stock cars that she races there).

7. Rob Halford

The legendary frontman of iconic heavy metal band Judas Priest first visited Arizona in 1978, bought a home in Paradise Valley seven years later, and has been here ever since. As the singer told New Times in 2008, he digs the climate (which shouldn't be surprising, considering that he hails from rainy ol' England), our "maverick" spirit, and the beauty of the desert. Rock on.

6. Charles Barkley

At various points over the past couple of decades, this outspoken NBA great made rumblings about running for governor of his home state of Alabama. But until Sir Charles finally pulls the trigger on his political career, the TNT basketball commentator won't be trading up his $1.7 million Paradise Valley pad for the governor's mansion anytime soon. In the meantime, we'll continue to enjoy the hell out of Barkley's shenanigans (like when he took over a Channel 15 news broadcast last year) and hope he doesn't wind up getting busted by the cops again for DUI when he's out partying in Scottsdale.

5. Alice Cooper

As if his downtown Phoenix restaurant, charity events, appearances in commercials, or other local endeavors haven't clued you in, Alice Cooper is a proud resident of the Valley. The Valley's favorite shock rocking son got his start here, dating back to his days as a member of The Spiders on the Wallace and Ladmo Show, and he's become a high-profile celeb (and a Republican, to boot) around these parts.

4. George Takei

One of the few bright spots of the whole SB 1062 debacle earlier this year came after George Takei put all of Arizona on front street for the proposed anti-gay legislation. And it wasn't another case of some outspoken Hollywood celebrity passing judgment from afar, as the LGBT activist and Star Trek actor is a part-time resident of our state. Takei and his husband, Brad Altman, have owned residences near Show Low for more than a decade and spend several weeks a year vacationing there.

3. Ice T

If you ever watched Ice T's old E! reality program Ice Loves Coco, you might've caught an occasional glimpse of the stylish three-bedroom home in Chandler that the rapper/actor shares with his boo Coco Austin (real name: Nicole Marrow). She purchased the property back in 2007 -- one of many residences that couple has around the U.S. -- and both the house and various shots of the East Valley city appeared in a couple episodes of the show. While they mainly hang out on the East Coast, they still own their Chandler pad and occasionally reside there (most recently a few weeks ago when Ice T's band Body Count performed at U-Fest).

2. Maynard James Keenan

Tool fans around Arizona seem to take pride in the fact that they share the same state with Maynard James Keenan in some fashion, since the musician/actor/author/vintner has a home near Jerome, as well as his nearby winemaking endeavors (including Merkin Vineyards and his Caduceus Cellars tasting room). Countless thousands of Tool fanatics make their way to the mountain town every year to sample Maynard's wines and maybe catch a glimpse of the reclusive star.

1. Muhammad Ali

Despite being tragically felled by Parkinson's Disease, Muhammad Ali remains arguably the greatest fighter, pound-for-pound, to ever lace up a pair of boxing gloves. And since 2007, he's been a resident of the Valley with his current wife Lonnie. The boxing legend moved to Arizona to spend their retirement years here and not only helped launch the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at St. Joseph's Hospital in 2009 but also hosts his annual Celebrity Fight Night charity event in Phoenix that has raised more than $87 million for Parkinson's research.

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