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12 Must-See Phoenix Comicon Guests

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Batman Cast

While we greatly admire the taciturn and brooding depictions of the Dark Knight that actors like Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, Kevin Conroy, and Peter Weller have proffered over the years, we'll always have a soft spot for Adam West's decidedly upbeat and campy take on the caped crusader from the 1960s television show. It was this kindler, gentler Batman that we cut our teeth on as children, and despite its campiness (Pow! Biff! Bam!) being the polar opposite of the character's darker origins, is still amusing to watch from a nostalgic perspective.

And even though both Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway are famous for bringing Catwoman to life in respectively manic and empowering fashion (we're forgetting that Halle Berry's version for the sake of our sanity), Julie Newmar's vamped up version of Batman's femme fatale nemesis that truly helped define the character.

Needless to say, we're eager to encounter West, Newmar, and the Robin actor Burt Ward during Phoenix Comicon. Call it a three-for-one. The trio will be featured during a Saturday morning spotlight session in honor of Batman's 75th birthday this year.

Stephen Amell

And after meeting both Batman and Robin, y'all might want to consider rubbing elbows with any other members of the Justice League that will be hanging out at Comicon, like maybe Oliver Queen (a.k.a. Green Arrow). Stephen Amell, who wields the bow as the titular character on The CW's hit DC Comic adaptation Arrow, is likely to pack in the fans during his gab session on Saturday afternoon at the North Ballroom, either to get some dish on the show or just to see the handsome actor up close.

We're expecting he'll provide plenty of behind-the-scenes info on the show (which just finished its second season with quite the epic episode) like what it was like to off arch-villain Slade with (spoiler alert) an arrow to his one good eye. Who knows, he might just drop some tidbits about what's in store for the show this fall, though we're sure that contractual obligations mean that it won't be too juicy.

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