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12 Must-See Phoenix Comicon Guests

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Danny Glover

You couldn't really say that actor Danny Glover would ever be pigeonholed as an actor in geek projects since there's little on his resume (save for 2012, Predator 2, or a couple of Saw films) in the way of genre projects. Frankly, we're more impressed with his acting skills, period, as well as his history as a social activist and a rabble-rouser.

He's rallied in support of the United Farm Workers and labor rights, protested wars, rubbed elbows with deep thinkers like noted philosopher Cornell West, raised money for the Jazz Foundation of America and other worthy causes, and has even been arrested a couple of times for his passions and causes. Definitely beats getting collared for DUI like some of his fellow celebrities. We're expecting that Glover will discuss such social-minded adventures at his Sunday afternoon Q&A at Comicon.

John Barrowman

If you were attended Phoenix Comicon last year, you might have seen John Barrowman about, and not just at his hour-plus gabfest depicted above. The erstwhile Captain Jack Harkness also unexpectedly popped into the Who-llywood Squares being staged by local Doctor Who group AZ TARDIS and providing other unique interactions with fans. And then he was nothing but entertaining when he hit the stage for his actual appearance, becoming a virtual song-and-dance man who wowed the packed crowd with his humor and singing talents, as well as impressing with candid anecdotes about his sexuality and longtime relationship with his now-husband Scott Gill.

It left us wanting more, which is why we're glad he's returning for a second round in 2014. As the Comicon website so aptly states, "Barrowman is an Entertainer with a capital E," and we're hoping he'll one-up himself on Saturday afternoon. We're also dying to see what, if any, interaction the actor might have with Nathan Fillion, since he's especially twitterpated with the Firefly star.

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