12 Things to Do and See in Bisbee

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The Old Bisbee Ghost Tour ($13) isn't just a walkabout around the haunts of old. Led by a team of "Ghost Hosts," the tours include a variety of options: like a haunted pub crawl ($20) or a ghost hunt ($40). Expect to explore spirits in the Copper Queen Hotel and along the brewery gulch. Tours vary from weekly or daily to monthly three-and-a-half hour events (the hunt). Reservations are required.

Separate trips to the Bisbee Mini Museum of the Bizarre ($3) take those with iron stomachs and wide eyes along exhibits featuring "a shrunken head named Fred," the death mask of the notorious John Dillinger, and a mold of Bigfoot's, well, foot.

Shop and Play

Filled with vintage artifacts from the last century, modern art and western depictions, and jewelry boasting Bisbee Blue, the former copper mecca is a must-go for anyone looking for a quaint -- yet quirky -- weekend getaway.

If a mid-week reprieve is in the cards for you, avoid Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Many shops are closed and the streets seem devoid of both locals and in-the-know tourists.

At other times during the week, though Main Street is a bustle with vendors and shoppers of both the kitschy and the cute. Upper Main is home to Finders Keepers Antiques and Copper City Inn, while Mid-Main hosts the Bisbee Grand Hotel and its adjoining bar, surrounded by galleries and gold and silver jewelry makers.

Lower Main contains the bulk of the town's great, if not populous, antique troves -- many of which are side-by-side. Both Nostalgia and Bisbee Antiques pay homage to the treasures of old: from dishes and radios to silver and furniture. Peddler's Alley, a hidden offshoot of the main drag, has a rotating membership of street vendors selling coffee to copper bracelets on any given weekend day.

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