13 Design Treasures Spotted During Modernism Week in Palm Springs

​Phoenix's annual Modernism Week is still a month away, but Palm Springs Modernism Week is raging on just four-and-a-half hours away.

The city of Palm Springs, whose midcentury modern architecture holds the gold medal over Phoenix's bronze, has hosted its Modernism Week since 2006.

But the week wouldn't exist without the Modernism Show and Sale, an exhibition of 80 national and international vendors launched in 2001 to benefit the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation.

The three-day show began on Saturday, kicking off Modernism Week and unraveling a string of lectures, tours, book signings and parties that gets longer every year. (The event has grown from an actual seven-day week to a calendar-defying 11-day week.)

In advance of our local show, we spent the weekend checking out Palm Springs' annual exposition.

Take notes, Phoenix; here are just a few things we wanted to hitch to the roof of our car ...

13. (pictured above) Arlene Slavin painting, $3,000, from Atomic Bazaar in San Diego.

​12. Amazing floral patterned Phillip Stark Mademoiselle chair from Kartell Los Angeles -- at a staggering $500 each.

11. Take a deep breath, fashionistas. These vintage Chanel pieces from Connie Parente in Los Angeles start at $300.

10. Set of paintings, sold, from Midcenturyla in north Hollywood.

9. Vintage European Posters in Berkeley collects and sells these original advertising posters, starting at $800.

8. Turn up this architecture-inspired 1950s Atomic Stroberg Carlson tube radio, $300, from Palette Contemporary Art and Craft in Albuquerque.

7. Chairs from Denver's Z Modern. One of each, please. (Prices vary)

6. Clock centerpiece from Modern Days in west Hollywood. (Sold to the koolest Kardashian.)

5. Lights from shipping container docks from Katz Antiques in Berkeley. Prices vary.

4. Up for auction: this bird house project designed by students at College of the Desert and inspired by Pablo Picasso's The Guitar Player.

3. The best pieces are definitely the "What were they thinking?" pieces. Sheep piece, (remarkably) sold.

2. Beautiful watercolors by John Norment, $950 each from planetglass.net in Glendale, Calif.

1. Fabrics from awesomely named Urban Burp in San Francisco. Prices vary.

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