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13 Favorite Phoenix Comicon 2013 Costumes

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Honorable Mentions: The Dathomir Sith Witch, Quail Man from Doug, and the quartet who came as most of the cast of Venture Bros.

13. Brony Bros Passionate aficionados of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic were in abundance at Phoenix Comicon throughout the entire weekend, be they female or the notorious male fans of the cartoon and toy line known as "bronies."

These curious individuals could be found at My Little Pony fan panels, cosplay workshops, a separate trivia and discussion event dedicated to the show, and even a brony-themed Q&A. We also spotted this pair of pony-like furries who put the "bro" in "bronies" by sporting shutter shades and swagtastic muscle shirts.

12. The Disney Princesses Not gonna lie, we're big Walt Disney nerds at heart after growing up with the timeless animated classics the House of Mouse produced over the past 76 years. So we enjoyed seeing this retinue of Disney heroines traipsing about Phoenix Comicon. As you can see, the quintet included Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast's Belle, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella from, uh...Cinderella, and Brave's Merida, the newest member of the club.

We considered asking the chica portraying the fiery-haired lass for her take on the backlash over the thinner, sexier version of the character that Disney recently unveiled (and subsequently withdrew), but she and her fellow princesses were mobbed by some adoring children.

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