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13 Favorite Phoenix Comicon 2013 Costumes

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11. Double Rainbow Ever have that dream where it's Halloween, you don't have a costume, and have to rush around to find one? We certainly have and were reminded of this nightmarish scenario when we spoke with Sean Keeney of Tempe about his embodiment of the infamous "Double Rainbow" viral video. Turns out that the 24-year-old wasn't certain he was even going to Comicon this year until Saturday morning and pulled out the papier-mâché and cloth costume to wear.

"It's something I made for Halloween three years ago and I found it in my garage," Keeney says. "I wore it [to Comicon] two years ago and had some poor planning this year, but it's a crowd favorite." When asked the question "What does it mean?" (which is posed in the original video and is written on the back of the costume in magic marker), he stated, "That's the question we're all trying to figure out."

10. George from Paperman One of the many highlights of last year's Wreck-It Ralph was Paperman, the seven-minute animated short that preceded the feature film. For those who haven't seen it, the touching and poignant black-and-white Oscar winner stars George, a lonesome accountant stuck in a mid-century office job.

The character uses paper planes in order to score the attention and win the heart of a winsome brunette working in the building opposite his workplace. Impressed by the memorable short, Andres Epaloose of Tucson recreated the moment mid-way through the short when a fleet of folded paper gliders attach themselves to George with his choice of costume.

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