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13 Favorite Phoenix Comicon 2013 Costumes

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8. Juan Solo Over the past couple of Comicons, David Bolebruch has combined his Hispanic heritage with his love of Star Wars via his costuming. To wit: Last year the Tucsonan came as "Boba Bandito," a remix of the feared bounty hunter that also poked fun at the old stereotype of a Mexican outlaw. He even got to meet Jeremy Bulloch, the English actor who originally portayed Fett, while wearing the getup.

This year, however, Bolebruch went as "Juan Solo," the sombrero-wearing space captain and rogue. "It took a couple seconds to think of it and about a week for the actual creation of the costume," Bolebruch says. And does he have any Wookie sidekicks? "No, not per se," he says. "I have flown with such a friend named Chuey. But she's from Kashyyyk and she's awesome."

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