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13 Favorite Phoenix Comicon 2013 Costumes

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6. Space Wolves Armor Battling in the dystopian wastelands of the Warhammer 40,000 realm can be an often deadly prospect (at least in the context of its various games, novels, and other media) given all the vicious Orks or other bloodthirsty and heavily armed forces that occupy this particular fictional universe.

The same proves true in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, the action-packed THQ video game that came out two years ago and features the titular soldiers slaying and getting slayed by the aforementioned Orks or simply getting pwned by other gamers. One of the many upgrades available in the title's multiplayer mode is the badass Space Wolves Armor, which is worn by a "savage and barbaric" sect of the Space Marines and typifies their "red-hot battle-lust." One Phoenix Comicon attendee decided to bring the armor from the virtual realm to reality, resulting in an impressive-looking costume.

5. The Computer Virus Christian Polack certainly got plenty of attention at Phoenix Comicon as he strutted around as this 8-foot-tall shimmering creature, which he described as the "physical representation of some nasty computer virus."

The costume was made from more than 400 CDs that the 38-year-old Mesa resident cut into triangle-shaped pieces and hot-glued together. "I started it seven years ago and have been working on it on and off a month at a time," Polack says, "So it's taken awhile to put it together."

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