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14 Favorite Costumes from Taiyou Con 2014

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Panty and Stocking Gal pals Taelor Bartola of Gilbert and Alex Morgan of Tempe decided to attend Taiyou Con dressed as the cheeky namesake stars from the action-comedy anime series Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. In particular, they adorned themselves in the police uniforms worn by the characters -- a pair of fallen angels banished to Earth because of their wicked deeds -- during the segment entitled "...Of the Dead."

"In the episode we're cosplaying, there's a zombie apocalypse going on, and they're just dressed up in police outfits," says Bartola, who played Stocking. "It's really fun."

E. Aster Bunnymund Anyone who happens to suffer from leporiphobia might want to consider skipping ahead to the next entry, considering that Matthew Bafaro's epic costume depicting the wascally warrior wabbit from William Joyce's children's book series The Guardians of Childhood and The Rise of the Guardians animated flick it inspired.

While he ain't completely covered with bluish fur, Bafaro's recreation maintains the badass feel of the reimagining of the Easter Bunny, who's described as being part ninja, part sorcerer, and part chocolatier. It took a year to make ("We had the ears done for the last Taiyou Con last January," he says, "And I was just able to get everything else pieced together") and includes Bunnymund's enchanted boomerangs, which were created from "lots and lots of craft foam."

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