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14 Favorite Costumes from Taiyou Con 2014

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King of Hearts/Madame Red/Grell Sutcliff Cosplaying at cons with friends is often as fun as the con itself, if not moreso. That holds true if folks are either doing the group costume thing or just bombing around together while displaying pride for an individual film, TV show, or fandom. Such was the case when we came across this trio of anime enthusiasts in gorgeous outfits.

Amber Bernhardt (center) was showing off her love of the King of Hearts from the Cardverse portion of the Hetalia universe. Her friend Chase Swoboda (far left) went as Baroness Angelina Dalles-Burnett -- also known as Madam Red -- while Faith Kelter (far right) gussied herself up as the grim reaper-like Grell Sutcliff, both of which are from Victorian-era manga/anime Black Butler.

Chibiusa Tsukino/The Black Lady Anime plots can be, how shall we say, a bit complex for the unenlightened, to say the least. So when we asked Cassandra Roberts of Mesa for some background on the Sailor Moon character Chibiusa Tsukino (a.k.a. The Black Lady) that she was portraying at Taiyou Con, she told us the following:

"It's a big, long, confusing thing. She's the daughter of Sailor Moon [and] is known as Mini Moon or Chibiusa," Roberts says. "And at one point, a wizard convinces her that all of her family hates her, no one loves her, and they all forgot her birthday. And she uses the power of the dark crystal to turn into an adult and does his bidding for a short while until she gets turned back to normal."

Cool. Now you're all caught up.

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