15 Life Lessons Learned from Lena Dunham's Girls (in GIFs, of Course)

Bless the girls and guys of Lena Dunham's HBO television series Girls. Without them, we'd have far less awkward conversations with our boyfriends, mothers, and coworkers and even fewer reasons to talk about the seemingly ever-present boobs of Dunham, who's the writer, producer, and star of her own show.

There are countless reasons to love Girls and plenty of life lessons the four girlfriends (and their families, friends, and boyfriends) have taught us through the first and second seasons. As the second season finishes up this weekend, we're taking a look back at a few favorites.

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15. Your party dress is only as good as your shoes.

14. It's just hair.

13. It's always bad idea to stalk your ex-boyfriend.

12. Don't let anyone get in your way.

11. Go for the skinny jeans.

10. It's possible to be sexy while eating. (At least, it's important to try.)

9. You're probably the hardest on yourself.

8. Catch the garter.

7. If you don't want what's in your mouth ...

6. Men are confusing.

Exhibit B:

5. Learn how to break the ice.

4. If you're crushing on a contemporary mixed-media artist, don't let him lock you into his latest installation.

3. Dance.

2. Focus on what lasts.

1. And when all else fails . . . use what's handy.

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