15 Ridiculously Cute Animals to Follow on Instagram

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6. Panda Marc

So, we're a little confused about Panda Marc's Instagram. Is this the account of one panda named Marc who has a lot of other panda friends? Is Marc not actually someone's name but maybe an abbreviation for something else? Is it just the Instagram feed of someone named Marc who really likes pandas? Does Panda Marc own all of these pandas? We don't know the answers to these questions, but we do know that Panda Marc gives us all the photos of pandas we could ever need.

5. Princess Monster Truck

We'll fully admit it: Princess Monster Truck is kind of terrifying. But if Tyra can make a name for herself by being fierce, so can this little rescue cat from New York, and we fully support it. So keep on doing you, Princess Monster Truck, and we'll keep following.

4. Pirate Pug Jack

Pirate Pug Jack has a very fitting name. He has one eye, he's a pug, his name is Jack, and that's pretty much it. Anytime we feel like we just can't do something, we think of little Pirate Pug Jack and feel inspired to keep going. We're not sure if he was born with just one eye or if he lost one during his Puggy, adventure-filled life, but we're fans either way.

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