17 Favorite Places to Shop in Phoenix

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Melrose District Vintage

For vintage hunters, no nook in the Valley compares to the Melrose Curve. Marked by an iron arch erected late last year, the stretch of road's a go‑to destination for home décor of yesteryear. Upscale Modern Manor is a prime but pricey place for refurbished big‑name Midcentury Modern couches and hard‑to‑find ceramics. Qcumberz houses a splendidly random assortment of affordable goods, from old neon signage to avocado green vinyl sofas. Be sure to plan ahead for your Sweet Salvage visit, because the high‑end vintage store is open only four days a month starting every third Thursday.

Cleo & Clementine

Monique Sandoval's boutique is a girly‑girl's dream. With white‑washed brick walls, wedding gowns, and assorted sparkly things, the shop's stocked with accessories from Sandoval's favorite Etsy storefronts, Xappaland jewelry, and Sandoval's own formal designs. She specializes in airy bridal wear but also dabbles in dainty day dresses. Don't see what you want? Sandoval can custom-make it for you.

Hub Clothing

Jennifer Mumford's serious about her denim. And it should come as no surprise that her boutique, HUB Clothing, follows suit. Formerly located in Scottsdale, the shop opened next to Churn in CenPho last summer. With a bigger space, Mumford has expanded her women's section. But you can still expect to see brands like Nudie, The Portland Collection, and Diesel.

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