Remember the ‘90s? Those were the days – back when a bro could have frosted hair and not look like a brosef, when women could show nothing but their midriff without looking like a gypsy hooker, alternative rock reigned supreme, and the term “indie” was mostly used to describe race cars. Remember 1967? I’d venture to say that most rock fans were dropping acid and peace-loving during that storied era do not. Maybe that’s why Phoenix local alt-rock 1967 band decided to name their artistic endeavor after that particular year. Everyone was far too high to remember what the music actually sounded like – they just knew it was legendary. Unfortunately for 1967 the band, we have recorded proof that music from 1967 the year sounds nothing like their music. They’re reminiscing about the wrong decade. No, 1967 is a band name intentionally set out to mindfuck. They operate in 2011, sound like they’re from the ‘90s and confuse people with the name 1967. But hey, it doesn’t really matter which decade they’re from. Metal-infused alt rock will never go out of style, so long as 93.3 KDKB is around (even though they didn’t start rocking until 1971).
Thu., Dec. 15, 9 p.m., 2011
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Christina Caldwell