20 Reasons to Love Fall in Arizona

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Football It's time to whip out those jerseys. Or at least start wearing them with a purpose, because football is back. Between the NCAA and the NFL, there's plenty to keep your sporty side entertained this season. You've got cheering to do, and the Sun Devils and Cardinals need you.

Monday Holidays Okay, okay. So technically you don't have to be in Arizona to get Columbus Day and Veterans Day off. But with mellow fall temperatures, a three-day weekend in Arizona offers so many possibilities for ways to spend your days off, from day trips and staycations to parties, museums to visit, and hikes to take.

Sunnyslope Art Walk Twice a year, Sunnyslope's shop and restaurant owners join to put together the Sunnyslope Art Walk. On the second Saturday of October, from Central and Dunlap avenues to Central and the Arizona Canal Trail, art of every medium will be on display and awaiting your perusal. Go for the food or buy some art, but if you do nothing else, get to know the people involved with this unique arts festival. The Sunnyslope Art Walk takes place on October 12, from 5 until 9 p.m. For more information, visit Sunnyslope Art Walk's Facebook.

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Alexandria Conrad