20 Reasons to Love Fall in Arizona

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Decreased Perspiration Not having to deal with the constant bodily shock of walking in and out of an overly air-conditioned building? Not having to avoid certain colors because of how they show off your sweat stains? The days of not having to carry deodorant on your person at all times truly exist -- in fall, at least. For the first time in months you will sweat like a normal (non-Arizonan) human being. And that's something worth appreciating.

Basketball We don't have Kobe or LeBron, but basketball in Arizona still promises serious entertainment. This year's Phoenix Suns squad is equipped with new uniforms and new prospects (though it remains to be seen if they'll help the team top last year's sad showing). ASU's men's team bounces into play this fall, too. Have your foam fingers and face paint at the ready, it's time to trot out your team spirit.

Zombie Walk Halloween is made only better by knowing the annual Zombie Walk will be happening in downtown Phoenix. Participants dress in full makeup and distressed garb, and walk/drag themselves through the streets. Some put on masks, others tatter their clothes, and there are always at least three eccentric zombie brides. So if you're looking for something to get you into the Halloween spirit, head out to spectate. Or you could always walk with the living dead yourself...if you dare. For more information on the free, October 26 event, check its Facebook page.

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Alexandria Conrad