20 Reasons to Love Fall in Arizona

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An Almost New Wardrobe Remember last Christmas when you got all those adorable socks from your grandmother? The ones you were able to wear for a month before they were relegated to the bottom of the sock drawer? It's time to pull those back out and start layering -- Arizona-style. That's to say, anything goes. Heavy boots and T-shirts, cardigans and mini-skirts, really whatever clothing combo feels right you can get away with during the fall. However, a sweater, scarf, and boots are pretty perfect for the autumn temperament. And don't forget the added bonus that every season change brings: new merch at your favorite boutiques.

Outdoor Yoga No longer will your yen for outdoor yoga result in a Bikram-style sweat-soak. This season outdoor yoga will be fun. Various places around the Valley offer yoga classes, both inside and out.

Hockey Returns This year's National Hockey League season is set to begin on October 1. What's more exciting than curling up under a warm blanket and watching some of the toughest athletes in the world smack each other around while wearing ice skates? We'll tell you what: the anticipation.

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Alexandria Conrad