2011: The Year of the Rabbit

2011: The Year of the Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year!

We find it oddly fitting that 2011 brings the year of the (jack)rabbit -- the fourth of twelve animal-based astrological signs in the Chinese calendar that symbolizes tranquility and calm.

And while we're busy trying to teach Mavis how to do a dragon dance, you can check out special New Year events around the Valley (and be sure to check out a drool-worthy list of celebratory food over on Chow Bella).

The Chinese Cultural Center and Phoenix Sister Cities have joined forces to present a slew of cultural celebrations during Chinese Week, February 7 through 13.

The week's festivals and banquets, including dances, art contests, Chinese meals, vendor booths, and kid-friendly activities, will be held at the Chinese Cultural Center at 668 North 44th St. in Phoenix.

For a complete rundown of festival events, check out the Chinese Week schedule or visit the Phoenix Chinese Week website.


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