21st Century Fox

Writing is hard. For some people. Like us. So we take a dim view of those who casually toss off book after best-selling book as larks between more, well, important things. Arizona's Diana Gabaldon is like that, and so is Britain's Zöe Sharp. This doesn't stop us liking their books, as we do Sharp's Charlie Fox action thrillers. Charlie is a killer tomboy of sorts, a "genuine female action hero," Sharp says.

The author says she grew up reading books about frail femmes who "screamed a lot and twisted their ankles and had to be rescued by men." She's compensated by becoming a racing photographer -- her "real" job -- and inventing an adventuress who could rip your heart out with her bare hand.

Sharp will be signing her latest Charlie Fox creation, Second Shot.

Sat., Sept. 15, 1 p.m.
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Clay McNear
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