24 Hour Partisan People

The sticky cherry juice trickles over Jenni's open mouth. She visibly arches her back when the Republican, lesbian bartender whispers Rachael Maddow's MSNBC political analysis of the nominees’ VP choices. Jenni flutters her eyes and moans her approval rating.

That's bipartisan porn for pundits, but for news, booze, left-leaning social intercourse, and political-buzz-word drinking games, head to El Peñasco Mexican Kitchen, where Tempe's chapter of Drinking Liberally meets every Friday. The group is chaired by Linna Thompson who, tired of discussions with conservatives quoting Bill O'Reilly, reached out to Living Liberally, a national organization based on community, social networking, and collaboration.

Who can come? Thompson tells New Times, "You don't need to be involved in other progressive groups, be politically active, or even overly politically informed, but you do need to be liberal, open-minded, and interested."

Beer for president!

Fridays, 5:30 p.m., 2008
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Leslie Barton
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