25 Reasons We're Thankful to Live in Phoenix

Thanks, Phoenix.

No, really.

We know it's not like us to get all mushy and stuff. But in the spirit of Thanksgiving (and inspired by the mushiness of stuffing), we're reflecting on why we're thankful to live in the Valley of the Sun.

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25. It's sunny 296 days of the year.

24. Our chances of spotting Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan around town have improved greatly this year, thanks to Adler's new store at Biltmore Fashion Park.

23. 2014 marked Phoenix Fashion Week's best showing yet.

22. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport has a 900-piece contemporary art collection.

21. The Valley's home to some of the most talented jewelers in the country.

20. Saturday Night Live star Aidy Bryant still considers the city home.

19. There are so many cool murals that we have at least 40 favorites.

18. Same-sex marriage is now legal.

17. It's a great place to be single.

16. And Peoria is for newlyweds.

15. Modern Phoenix's annual home tour always leaves us inspired and excited about architecture.

14. ARTELPHX is a delight. And we can't wait to see the next edition of the hotel art event.

13. Grid Bike Share is finally here.

12. Speaking of bikes, cycling infrastructure is on the up and up, with loads of resources for biking types popping up around the Valley.

11. It's home to Changing Hands' long-awaited second location.

10. Our state's landscape inspires Bessie Award-winning choreographer Jessica Lang.

9. There's always something to do.

8. Looking for a good scare? The Phoenix area is full of allegedly haunted and spooky spots.

7. Locally owned pet stores make spoiling our fur babies way too easy.

6. Weird sports? We're all about them.

5. Three words: The Marvel Experience.

4. Our tourist attractions are awesome for out-of-towners and lifelong locals.

3. Basics are everywhere. And we love them.

2. Lots of cool movies were shot in Phoenix.

1. More than a few celebs call the Valley home — including quite a few pro wrestlers, whom you should definitely not try to rob.

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