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27: Cassandra Coblentz

27. Cassandra Coblentz

Cassandra Coblentz has a good eye (ok, she has two good eyes) for established and up-and-coming artists whose work she can feature and highlight. She's currently the associate curator at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) where she's focused on new ways to engage the community. We're talking scavenger hunts, house keys, interactive architecture, mixed media and fashion, to name a few.  

Her most recent SMoCA exhibitions include Spyhopping: Adventures with Sue Chenoweth and 90 Days Over 100 ° with Atherton│Keener. The Los Angeles native moved to Phoenix to work with the crew at SMoCA five years ago.

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1. List five things on your wall of inspiration (real or imaginary):
I am more inspired by experiences than things that go on a wall per say ...
For example I love the experience of discovering the work of a great artist that I had not known about previously. Probably my biggest inspiration is watching my two year old son explore the world.

2. What was your last big project?
I curated two shows at SMoCA this past summer (still up until September 19th by the way.) I had the privilege of working with Sue Chenoweth on her quirky project Spyhopping: Adventures with Sue Chenoweth and the Permanent Collection.
The other project I did was 90 Days Over 100° in which local architects Atherton│Keener suspended 1200 pounds of ice overhead each week as a means of calling attention to our consumption of water and electricity in the summer in the Valley of the Sun. It was the first in a series of exhibitions at SMoCA called Architecture+ Art that I am really excited about. Once a year we will be commissioning new work by architects who create temporary work motivated by concept over functionality as well as artists who are informed by the discipline of architecture.

3. What's your next big project?

I am working with New York based artists Jean Shin and Brian Ripel on an exhibition tilted Unlocking that opens October 9th. I invited Shin and Ripel to spend time researching our location and community in order to create a new artwork. On a site visit, they were struck by the uncanny visual similarities between the cuts and groves in the horizontal profile of traditional keys (a material they had been considering working with) and the Arizona landscape.
For one piece we collected close to 30,000 keys from individuals and local businesses that will be incorporated into a sculpture. Shin and Ripel are also mapping our community by creating a family tree-like wall drawing that diagrams a vast network of people based on the keys they share.

4. Why Phoenix?
I moved to Phoenix to work at SMoCA. At the time I had hoped it would be an opportunity for me to do projects that I might not have been able to do at a larger institution. And I feel so fortunate because it totally has been.

5. What's something you want Phoenix to know about you?
Nothing. Just kidding, I guess I'd like Phoenix to know that I have a pretty good sense of humor.

(and if you're game, what's something you DON'T want Phoenix to know about you?)
That I spent way too much time trying to decide how to answer this question... I have been known to be a tad indecisive about things like this. I can't help it, it is my Libra nature.

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