3 Favorite Items from Japan Trend Shop

Good news, eccentric shoppers -- the unnecessary and seemingly satiric items you find in SkyMall magazine are no longer limited to your travels up above. Jackalope Ranch's newest online shopping destination Bermuda Triangle is the Japan Trend Shop. Offering everything from beauty gadgets and lifestyle items to fashion and food trends, this wonder-site of WTF is one-stop shopping for everything you didn't need and couldn't believe existed.

And to help you navigate through this online retailer of really-was-that-necessary, here are Jackalope's top three favorites.

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1. Oyasumi Goodnight Keep Bra

It wasn't so much the nighttime bra that disturbed us as it was those saggy cartoon side boobs. We assume this hand dandy breast holster prevents women from suffering a rare and unwelcome condition known as areola-armpit chaffing.

2. Beauty Lift High Nose

The elfish nose curve is curve is coveted by many but carried off naturally by few. That is why manufacturers thought it necessary to make the Beauty Lift High Nose, which apparently molds the putty-like cartilage of your nose by sheer force over time.

3. Facewave Exercise Mask

Whether you're robbing a bank or ridding your face of fine lines, the Facewaver is a sure-fire way to make you stand out in a crowd.

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