3 Free Things to Do This Week in Metro Phoenix

Saving money can be difficult during the season of panic-inducing utility bills. We feel your pain, and we want to help you and your budget by finding free things to do. We rustled up some no-cost things to do that could get your your toes tappin' or inspire an artistic streak. 

Dusty Boots Square Dance at Valley Bar
Break out those boots and daisy dukes, because the Valley Bar in downtown Phoenix will be hosting a square-dancing event on August 12. Gone are those sad days when square-dancing was reserved solely for cowboys or septuagenarians, because Dusty Boots Square Dance Social encourages all types to participate. Square-dancing experts and novices are invited to join, as are musicians brave enough to play. See Valley Bar's website for more information.

Second Fridays in Downtown Mesa
If you wait with bated breath each month for First Fridays in downtown Phoenix, there's good news that just might hold you over until September: Mesa has their own artwalk on Second Fridays. From 6  to 10 p.m. on August 14, visitors can walk up and down Main Street and explore Mesa's growing arts scene with over 60 different artists showing works and performing. Many of Mesa's most popular shops will keep later hours as well. This week's attractions include liquid nitrogen ice cream and a free showing of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with complimentary popcorn. This month's theme is "Hotter than Hades." So if togas are your thing, there will be a costume contest. For more information, visit

"Maybe Tomorrow, Darling"
Sick of people asking you what you do for your serious job, or your "work-work?" So are local artists. If you haven't been yet, you have until August 15 to see those artists work through those frustrations in a creative exhibition downtown. "Maybe Tomorrow, Darling" is on view for free at Modified Arts and features multi-platform works of art created by various local artists and graduate students at ASU who must often fight to make their passion their job, and then defend that choice to others. In their individual contributions, artists use office supplies to symbolize the frustration. Visit Modified Art's webpage for gallery hours and more information.

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Sara Weber