33: Roy Wasson Valle

33: Roy Wasson Valle

33: Roy Wasson Valle
Courtesy of Roy Wasson Valle

33: Roy Wasson Valle
Roy Wasson Valle was born in Mexico and has lived there and in the United States and Germany. He likes to draw and paint and make little sculptures out of plastic clay. You may recognize his goofy, semi-creepy skeleton character, Raul (he's the one in the egg after the jump). Roy also works on video game imagery and T-shirts for his day-job employer. He's married and lives in Phoenix with his wife, one cat, and many fish.

"Roy vs. Roy"
"Roy vs. Roy"
Courtesy of Roy Wasson Valle

1. List five things on your inspiration wall (real or imaginary)

1. An obscene drawing by fellow artist David Quan.
2. A weird literacy flier from Playboy magazine.
3. A holographic image of a Native American lady overlooking a canyon during a lightning storm while a giant bald eagle flies by, which is mounted on a slice of tree.
4. A vintage tractor calendar from Illinois.
5. A head shot of Battlestar Galactica actor Michael Hogan on which he has written, "Roy, Frak Em All. Hogan, XO"

2. What was your last big project?
I completed an installation show at the Pravus Gallery in Phoenix in December with my wife Koryn Woodward. Although we have worked on projects together, this was the first show we collaborated on.

3. What's your next big project?
The real next big project I have is to set up a real studio for the first time now that we have a building for it at our house. I am however, working on a small linoleum block print for Brent Bond's Santo Press in Scottsdale.

4. Why Phoenix?

Originally I came to Phoenix to finish school and be closer to my eldest brother who has six kids. My parents live in Prescott so it is still close enough to see them, but I get to take advantage of the opportunities in Phoenix.
What I like about being here is that I have space to live in and work while also being able to do what I want career wise.

5. What do you want Phoenix to know about you? (and if you're game,what do you NOT want Phoenix to know about you?)
I want people in Phoenix to know about me and other artists in my position that one can always buy art in installments.
As far as things I don't want people to know about me: I say enough dumb things that sooner or later all of my information comes out anyway. There is no need to list all of my numerous mistakes here.

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