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4 Phoenix Artists Selected for "State of the Art" at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

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These four Phoenix artists make up a mere fraction of the 102 total individuals who will be displaying work for "State of the Art." The exhibition features over 200 artworks, including pieces from the museum's permanent collection, that span several different media.

"The exhibition is a glimpse into the state of art in our nation at this moment," says Crystal Bridges president Don Bacigalupi. "Presenting the exhibition at Crystal Bridges provides us an opportunity to see contemporary art in the broader historical context. By examining a wide range of works by artists from across the country, we can gain insight into our nation as a whole: our collective passions, challenges, and concerns."

Bacigalupi and Crystal Bridges assistant curator Chad Alligood originally traveled to Phoenix in December 2013 to conduct studio visits with the a larger pool of artists. Based on these visits and interviews, the team selected specific work from Chillag, Ellsworth, Martinez, and Moore.

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Katrina Montgomery