40Owls Presents "Fortouls Solo Exhibition" in Downtown Phoenix

It's been seven years since the Fortoul brothers had an art show in Phoenix.

That's because artist Isaac Fortoul and his manager, curator, and older brother Gabriel run what they call "a nomadic gallery." Together, under their signature art brand, 40 Owls (a phonetic play on their last name, "for-t-ouls") this fraternal duo uses the freedom of being their own two-man wrecking crew to constantly create new works and experiment new mediums.

"The most fulfilling moments are when we set up these exhibitions under 40Owls. We find a space to work with that inspires us, we come up with a theme, we create a show, we promote it, we design it," says Gabriel Fortoul.

In this case, the space is 815 North Central Avenue, an empty building that is currently being transformed with lights, partitions, and an exhibition by the Fortouls. The temporary 40Owls Gallery will open with a private reception on Friday, November 14, but come Wednesday, December 31, the brothers and their work will be gone.

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Katie Johnson
Contact: Katie Johnson