100 Creatives

43: Saskia Jorda

Saskia Jorda was born in Caracas, Venezuela and works with site-specific installations, drawings, and performances that "map the tension between retaining one's identity and assimilating a foreign persona."

Her artwork has been featured locally and internationally -- but she'll tell you all about her maps and nest made out of 100 pairs of sewn and stretched white pantyhose after the jump ...

1.List five things on your Inspiration Wall (real or imagined):
- A yarn ball
- An old urban planning map of Caracas
- A swatch of industrial felt
- A wooden shoe form
- Chocolate (any kind except with peanut butter)

2.What's your last big project?
My last large-scale, site-specific installation took place last year at the Haidian Theater in Beijing, China; a collaborative project with fashion designer Galina Mihaleva and choreographer Shouze Ma. I installed a large nest made of 100 pairs of sewn and stretched white pantyhose, from which the dancers emerged in the opening scene.

3. What's your next big project?
I have two big projects coming up in Tempe and Phoenix opening this fall. The first will be part of the "Open for Business" project at the ASU Art Museum, in collaboration with a local business; a two-part installation, capturing a collective portrait through the use of footprints.
The second large project will be a solo exhibit at Modified Arts in November, where I will make a suspended installation mapping emotional and physical displacement.

4.Why do you do what you do?

Making art is both ritual and penitence. It's a selfish and absurd need that keeps me from going insane.

5. What's something you want Phoenix to know about you?
I love cooking. The kitchen is my second studio.

(And, if you're game, what's something you really don't want Phoenix
to know about you?)

I still don't understand Daylight Savings Time. And I find the idea of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches appalling.

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