5 Best Fashion Trends of Spring 2014

And you thought we at Jackalope Ranch were a bunch of negative Nancys with our tirade against spring's worst fashion trends (which, for the record, are still repulsive). But, dear fashionables, you were wrong. Without further ado, we present our five favorite trends that will hit the racks this coming season. Plan your shopping sprees accordingly.

Fringe This spring we're allowed to embrace our inner Stevie Nicks-style witch-flapper. Don't mind if we do. Tambourines and far-off expressions count as accessories, right?

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Lilac We recommend sporting this pale shade of purple as a seasonally appropriate neutral. Think of it as a gray alternative.

Pleats Neither pep nor pep squad experience is required to sport such fabric folds, which (fun fact) were designed in the early 1900s to allow for more movement in dresses before stretch fabric was invented. The more ya know. . .

Dressy Pants Yep, we're all for literal fancy pants. Prints, embellishments, and out-of-the-Crayon-box colors will give you a leg up on spring style.

Slip Dresses Simple '90s chic is back in a big way -- one you'll be able to rock through summer heat, to boot.

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