5 Cool Phoenix Neighborhoods You've Probably Never Heard Of

Between the home tours, the magazine features, and top 10 neighborhoods lists, some areas of Phoenix get a lot more recognition than others. But don't mistake good PR for better living. In truth, we could think of a number of Phoenix neighborhoods that folks haven't heard of but probably should. Let's start with these five.

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Brentwood Between McDowell and Interstate 10, 16th Street and State Route 51. Average price of homes for sale: $150,750.

Thanks to all the touch-ups and tear-downs that go with maintaining the character of an older house, historic homeownership isn't always cheap. But those with a can-do attitude and a little bit of elbow grease can save big in neighborhoods like Brentwood. With convenient proximity to downtown and some of the best food around on Calle 16, this up-and-coming neighborhood offers affordable early 20th-century homes in need of a little TLC.

La Hacienda Between Third and Seventh streets, Verde Lane and Catalina Drive Price range of homes: $300,000 to $600,000

This condensed subdivision of predominantly ranch- and revival-style homes from the late 1920s was originally built with the Phoenix Country Club in mind but since has found a lot more to brag about. Head down La Hacienda's Seventh Street boundary and you'll find a slew of trendy businesses like Sutra Midtown Yoga, State Bicycle Co., The Main Ingredient, Urban Beans, and Gadzooks.

Medlock Place Between Central and Seventh avenues, Missouri and Camelback roads Average price of homes for sale: $319,633

When it comes to Central Phoenix living, Windsor Square may get all the hype, but Medlock Place is just as conveniently located, if not more so. Along Medlock Place's east side are all the Upward Projects hotspots -- Postino, Windsor, Federal Pizza, Churn, and now Joyride Taco. Down its west side is French Grocery, as well as the north end of vintage shops along Seventh Avenue's Melrose Curve.

Yaple Park Between Third and Seventh avenues, the Grand Canal and Turney Avenue Average price of homes for sale: $324,633

In deciding which neighborhood on this list has the best location, we couldn't help but call it a tie between Yaple Park and the aforementioned Medlock Place. Chances are you've driven by Yaple Park on your way to Lux, America's Tacos, or simply while looking for parking during one of the many pop-up sales and street fairs along Seventh Avenue. this historic neighborhood offers a variety of cozy historic homes, large trees, and pedestrian-friendly living with the light rail in walking distance.

Starlite Vista Roughly 15th and Myrtle avenues Average price of homes for sale: $334,900

This hidden Ralph Haver 'hood falls a littler farther west than some of the architect's other developments, but it is by no means less spectacular. Offering a mixture of renovated and untouched midcentury homes, Starlite Vista is in close driving distance to Christown Spectrum Mall, Royal Palm Park, and Interstate 17.

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