5 Cool Things We Saw at February's Third Friday in Downtown Phoenix

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Cherie Buck-Hutchison at The Lodge Art Studio

We saw an impressive array of photography during this month's Third Friday, including works by several artists featured in the "Being Human" exhibition at The Lodge Art Studio, where our favorites included this beauty by Cherie Buck Hutchison.

Other artists featured in "Being Human" include Nidaa Aboulhosn, Sergio Aguirre, Joe Brklacich, Sue Chenoweth, Bill Dambrova, Danielle Hacche, Monica Aissa Martinez, Ronnie Ray Mendez, Abbey Messmer, Rafael Navarro, Lisa Marcelle Nowitz, and Chip Thomas.

Of course, half the fun was watching folks check out Rebecca Green's new The Painted Desert mural for the The Lodge Art Studio, which was lit by a lone portable spot. Like Lauren Lee's Three Birds at 222 East Roosevelt Street, this baby is destined to become an important way-finding tool within a burgeoning arts district.

Craig George at 1Spot Gallery

Over at 1Spot Gallery, which specializes in indigenous art, they're putting together a printed book and digital app featuring works in various mediums that incorporate designs by Damian Jim.

We got a taste for the project while exploring an exhibition called "Byting Willows - The Evolution of the Dine' Basket" at 1Spot Gallery, where we spied not only George's Keeping the Tradition Alive reflecting the cultural heritage passed between generations, but also plenty of other interesting works.

Our other favorites included a long silk scarf sporting a bold repeating black and red graphic, and a cool assortment of earrings created by Kathy Whitman-Elk Woman. Baskets abound as well, of course, as do prints and works in several additional mediums.

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