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5 Must-See Guests at Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015 in Phoenix

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Yes, it also features a variety of activities and panels devoted to cosplay and a slew other nerdy interests, but they seems more like the side dishes to the main course of comics.

That's certainly the case at this year's Amazing Arizona event -- which runs from Friday, February 13, to Sunday, February 15, at the Phoenix Convention Center -- as it will include appearance from some legends from the comic book world, as well as some renowned artists and illustrators. Here are five such guests that are worth going out of your way to see at Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015.

Rob Liefeld

When news broke last year that foul-mouthed Marvel anti-hero Deadpool was finally getting his own standalone movie, fans of the character started cheering. However, no one cheered louder than Rob Liefeld, the artist who first envisioned the character in 1991. (It's not his only claim to fame, as he also created X-Force, the futuristic mutant hero Cable, and helped co-found Image Comics.) Just like Deadpool, Liefeld is famous for his controversial and outspoken nature, including criticizing former employers Marvel and DC, getting into spats with fellow artists and creators, and even posting a YouTube video of himself drawing while driving.

Appearing: Saturday, February 14, and Sunday, February 15.

Todd McFarlane

And one of Liefeld's co-conspirators in creating Image Comics was a fellow former Marvel Comics refugee and artist, Todd McFarlane. The indie publisher, founded in 1992, ultimately became the launching pad for his trademark character and title, Spawn, and gave him worldwide fame and acclaim, as well as a small empire of toys and stores.

While McFarlane, a longtime resident of the Valley, and his creation aren't as big as they were in the late '90s, there's reportedly a new animated series and some new titles in the works. Plus, he's still a pretty entertaining guest at whatever cons or geek events he appears at, including last year's Phoenix Comicon where he shared a stage with Marvel icon Stan Lee and Walking Dead star Michael Rooker.

Appearing: Friday, February 13.

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