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5 Must-See Mad Monster Party 2015 Guests

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And a bloody good time will await them, especially if they're interested in meeting the actors and actresses that starred in some landmark films from the horror genre, either as a dastardly or demonic villain or one of their many victims.

There will be plenty of monsters afoot at the Phoenix edition of the Mad Monster Party (or at least the actors that portrayed them on the silver and small screen), including Pinhead from Hellraiser, Friday the 13th's Jason Vorhees, Captain Spaulding from both House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects, and even he Crypt Keeper from HBO's Tales from the Crypt.

The lineup of special guests isn't limited strictly to horror, as the stars of a few sci-fi favorites, action movies, and cult classics (as well as a few professional wrestling heroes) are also scheduled to be at the Mad Monster Party.

Most of the big-name guests appearing at the weekend-long event to sign autographs and pose for photos while several will also sit in for special Q&A sessions or panels dedicated to some of their most renowned projects and roles. (For instance, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse, Stephen Geoffreys, and other from the 1985 flick Fright Night will participate in a special 30th anniversary reunion panel).

We've looked over the rogue's gallery of special guests that will be at the Mad Monster Party this year and have selected five of those that we're most excited to see. And like the event itself, our picks include more than just scream queens and death-dispensing bad guys.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Although he's never starred in any slasher flicks or cinematic thrillers, pro wrestling legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts spent the last couple of decades living in something akin to a horror story. Or, at the very least, his own personal hell. After becoming one of biggest superstars of the '80s in the WWE (then known as the World Wrestling Federation), Roberts descended into a morass of drug addiction, broken relationships, and career failures, ultimately becoming a wrestling has-been who seemed destined for a tragic end. (And depending on whom you ask, he might've been a partial inspiration for Mickey Rourke's character in The Wrestler.)

Unlike many veterans of the squared circle who died at an all-to-early age, however, Jake the Snake was able to eventually conquer his personal demons, thanks to the assistance of his friend and fellow retired wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page. It makes for a great comeback story (and has even been covered on an episode of HBO's Real Sports) and we're certain that Roberts will discuss it during his signing appearance at the Mad Monster Party.

Steve Railsback

This veteran character actor has a history of providing accurate and eerie portrayals of some rather deranged individuals, including his critically acclaimed turns as both Charles Manson in the 1976 miniseries Helter Skelter and sinister serial killer Ed Gein in 2000's In the Light of the Moon. Longtime fans of The X-Files, however, will undoubtedly remember Railsback as mentally unbalanced alien abductee Duane Barry, who kicked off one the show's most important story arcs when he kidnapped Agent Dana Scully and facilitated her own abduction by little green men in the second season. We're definitely interested in getting a chance to interact with Railsback, if for no other reason than to hear what his acting process is like when becoming such disturbed people.

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