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5 Must-See Movies in Metro Phoenix in September

Whether you're looking to escape through some movie magic or learn something new about your favorite band or actor, there are plenty of films coming out this month that fit the bill. Cult favorite directors like David Lynch and Terry Gilliam will surely present something that will keep you guessing, dissecting, and discussing for days. Walk the line between fictional tales that seem real and true stories that are stranger than fiction with five of our suggestions for movies to see.

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To Be Takei Release Date: September 12

In case you missed George Takei's appearance at his Phoenix screening on August 26, you can still catch the documentary that tells all about the man behind Star Trek's Mister Sulu. From coming out to his childhood in a Japanese internment camp during World War II, Takei's life is as fascinating as his work. With a die-hard fan base and an undeniably strong social media presence, Takei has remained a star long after his days on the Enterprise. For tickets and more information about To Be Takei's screenings, visit the FilmBar website.

Duran Duran Unstaged Release Date: September 13

Right now you might be thinking something like, "I have zero interest in watching a filmed Duran Duran concert." You might be changing your tune, though, once you find out just who directed the band's stage performance for that particular show though, because it just so happens that cult film director David Lynch is the man with the plan for Duran Duran (sorry). The concert will likely be an odd, visually intense ride through the David Lynch aesthetic set to the '80s band's music. With the first night's showing on September 10 already sold out, you'll want to jump on the Saturday night showing and get tickets from the FilmBar website. If that ends up selling out, too, you can just see the David Bowie documentary showing there later in the month.

Tracks Release Date: September 19

Maybe your summer travels took you to some far off places this year, but they probably weren't anything like the trip Mia Wasikowska takes in Tracks. Based on a true story, Wasikowska's character treks 1,700 miles through the Australian outback, accompanied only by her dog and a gaggle of camels. When in civilization, however, she gets to hang out with quirky Girls hunk Adam Driver, so yeah, we're going to see it.

The Zero Theorem Release Date: September 26

Taking a trip into the odd, but beautifully creative mind of director Terry Gilliam is always a cinematic treat. Add into that mix what looks to be a stand-out performance by Christoph Waltz and you have the recipe for a must-see movie. This time Gilliam's take on dystopia follows a man's quest to prove the zero theorem, a mathematical equation that shows everything ultimately equals nothing. Sounds like a mindfuck, right? Well, if it's anywhere near as good as 1985's Brazil, it'll surely be great and, of course, pretty weird.

The Skeleton Twins Release Date: September 26

Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig. Do we really have to say more about this movie? Ugh, fine. If those two don't sell it, perhaps its win for best screenplay at Sundance this year will. Or maybe the expert balance between comedy and drama that makes this movie delightfully, painfully, and still totally relatable and realistic will convince you. Just go see it. There's pretty much no chance this movie will be anything less than amazing.

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