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5 Must-See Movies in Metro Phoenix This August

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Yves Saint Laurent Opening: August 1

Although this YSL biopic hasn't received what anyone would consider rave reviews thus far, we'll admit that we're mostly in it to peep some stellar clothes. The moody French language film follows the life of Yves Saint Laurent beginning in 1958 at the start of his fashion career. You can be certain that the movie will be a big juicy piece of eye candy, if nothing else, so dig in.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Opening: August 8

Although this oddly realistic take on a cartoon looks kind of weird (to say the very least), that doesn't make us want to see it any less. If you're anything like us, these four teenage mutant ninja turtles were a part of your early childhood development. Some of us might have even pretended that we were April O'Neil as youngsters. Regardless, the movie will probably be entertaining with folks like Will Arnett and Johnny Knoxville involved, especially if you can turn your cynicism off for an hour and a half and have some fun.

The Past Is a Grotesque Animal Opening: August 12

If you're a fan of the band Of Montreal, you might find it hard to keep the group's ever changing line-up of musicians straight. Jason Miller's new documentary makes keeping tabs on the out-there indie band a little easier by showcasing the morphing, expanding, and contracting catalog of performers surrounding frontman Kevin Barnes. Named after one of the band's most raw and emotional songs off of Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?, the movie looks at Barnes' personal and professional life and how he separates himself from the past as if it were a severed limb. Intense, introspective, and reminiscent of the movie Dig!, the film has two showings at FilmBar on August 12 and 14.

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