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5 New Year's Resolutions for Artists in Metro Phoenix

After recent visits by the ghosts of art exhibits past, present and future, we awoke with five resolutions certain to help all sorts of artists up their creativity and community engagement.

Work outside your comfort zone.

Maybe you've been so keen on supporting the arts in your own familiar venues and neighborhoods that you've forgotten to stretch yourself into new spaces and places. Make more time this year for venturing beyond your own studio, gallery, or arts district. Hit different art walks, galleries, museums, and alternative art spaces outside your normal art beat.

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Get more media savvy.

Maybe you've been lamenting a lack of media coverage for your work, yet been remiss about making media contacts and keeping arts reporters apprised of your projects and events. Make this the year you write and send timely, fact-filled (fluff-free) press releases with high resolution images so reporters have plenty of information to work with well before your exhibit or other shindig goes down.

Learn some new tricks.

Maybe you've been relying on Facebook instead of branching out into other social media, working solely in a single medium or style rather than experimenting with your art, or showing the same works of art over and over again in different settings. Make this the year you wow people with an amazing cat- and food-free Instagram account, with pieces that incorporate intriguing variations on your prior body of work, and with fresh work that makes others appreciate your versatility and creativity anew.

Experience more art by others.

Maybe you've been so busy making and marketing your own art that you've overlooked opportunities to experience and support the work of other artists, and to discover potential partnerships that can enhance the quality and reach of your work. Make more time this year to see a wider selection of art in more diverse settings, and to spend time with works beyond the visual arts -- including live theater, dance, music, literary arts, and film.

Be a more engaged citizen.

Maybe you've been counting on everyone else to consistently and coherently champion the importance of art to fellow citizens, policy makers, media types, and others. Make this the year you rev up your arts advocacy and lead by example -- supporting advocacy efforts by Arizona Commission on the Arts and Arizona Citizens for the Arts, telling publishers and broadcasters you value arts coverage, talking with policy makers about what they're doing to support arts and culture, and inviting others to join you for new adventures in arts and culture.

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Lynn Trimble is an award-winning freelance writer and photographer specializing in arts and culture, including visual and performing arts
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