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5 Places to Buy Vintage Video Games in Metro Phoenix

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Game Zone

Game Zone has a standout collection when it comes to handhelds, and its range of game and anime-related collectibles is impressive. From figurines to plushies, wall scrolls, posters, and even T-shirts, Game Zone has stuff we've never seen anywhere else. Their selection of imported Japanese games isn't huge, but it's easily the biggest we've seen and houses some particularly rare finds. Our last stop in, we saw the Japan-only release Making of Magic Knight for the Game Gear ($4.99) and one of the Japanese releases in the Megaman series for the Game Cube ($49).

Game Zone is also a great place to find uncommon accessories. Want to use a PS2 controller to play your Gamecube? They have an accessory that will let you do that. Need a hand-held system that plays Nintendo and Super Nintendo cartridges? They have that, and many other off-the-wall accessories, too.

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Nathan Humpherys
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