5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Week

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Jay Pharoah

It's hard to be a black guy on Saturday Night Live. There's no splitting the workload -- if a skit calls for someone playing Denzel Washington, that's you. Kanye West? You. They want a skit featuring Jay-Z, Eddie Murphy, and President Barack Obama? Well, that's you, you, and you, baby. Luckily for us, Jay Pharoah has enough talent to fill all these roles and more. The four-season SNL star's coming to Phoenix for a multi-day showcase of his comedy, meaning Kenan Thompson's going to have a lot of work to do back in New York. Pharoah's sets begin at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Wednesday, December 31, at Stand Up Live, 50 West Jefferson Street in Phoenix. Tickets start at $27, and there's a two-drink minimum. Call 480-719-6100 or visit for more. Zachary Fowle

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