5 Worst Chalkboard Trends on Pinterest

When you're looking to jump on a trend bandwagon, there's no better source than Pinterest. It's a great starting point for inspiration, but it also houses horrifying (and hilarious) DIY results. Case in point: chalkboard paint. This trend is a few years old, so every good idea is already out there and done. It's only chalkboard paint, guys. Calm down. There's no need to get crazy, but some pinners don't know when to stop. Here are the five worst chalkboard paint projects we found on Pinterest.

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Chalkboard Car Yes, this is really a thing. Maybe we just run with the wrong crowd, but if we were presented with an anonymous blank canvas in the form of a chalkboard car, the result

would be hilariously offensive. We don't need to go into further detail than that; use your imagination. Would you really want to be a recipient of that wrath? Pro tip: Don't chalkboard your car, or you're asking for it. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Globe Let's get this straight: Someone painted over a perfectly good actual globe to crudely scrawl a chalkboard map over it? Did we get that right or did we miss something?

Dining Table A thin layer of chalk dust is the perfect topping to a nice meal. We wouldn't want to sit anywhere near this mess. Most people dream of having clean, inviting spaces, and this mess is quite the opposite.

Appliances We don't disagree that having a chalkboard in a kitchen is a good idea, but an entire chalkboard refrigerator is overkill. In fact, any appliances covered in chalkboard paint are nothing short of awful. Stop doing it.

Obvious Shelf When there is leftover paint from awful dining table makeovers, it's okay to stop there. Really though, there is nothing functional about this. Bonus: a hoard of chalkboard vases. We're not getting into the fact that there are interior design books on this ugly shelf. Oh Pinterest, you make this too easy.

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