5 Worst Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

A new season is a new excuse to revamp your closet. But before you max out your latest credit card on this fall's trendiest styles, you need to know what you're getting yourself into. While plenty of runway looks for autumn 2014 are wearable, nice, and, hey, maybe even gorgeous, there are five that stand out among the stylish as just plain terrible. From the unflattering to the utterly undesirable, here are five trends to leave out of your fall wardrobe.

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Huge Hats

As if we needed another reason to bemoan Pharrell, he seems to have been the harbinger of the unnecessarily huge hat trend. Wide brims and high crowns are everywhere this fall. And, let's just say, we are not happy.

Blanket Coats

Want to look like you not only just rolled out of bed but you're also bringing the bed with you? Then this trend is for you, lazy pants. Coats that look like robes and blankets are a thing that designers are trying to make happen. But, much like "fetch," we are pretty sure they're never going to happen.

The Birds

Put a bird on it? Groundbreaking.

Monster Turtlenecks

We don't care how much you loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It does not give you any excuse to emulate hardshell water-bound creatures in such a dramatically ridiculous manner. Go back to the sewer you came from.


The unfortunate companion to this spring and summer's ugly sandal trend has arrived. Flatform sneakers and knee-high lace-ups look a lot like something Mel C. might sport. Ask yourself one question: Does your life really need this much spicing up?

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