50 Signs You're Dating a Basic Bitch

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25. She has the saying "Keep Calm and ____" somewhere in her place. Check the coffee mugs. Look for a poster in the bathroom.

24. Speaking of posters, she really identifies with some dead starlet; most likely Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. Guaranteed, there's a poster from Breakfast at Tiffany's or black and white photo of Marilyn Monroe on at least one of her walls.

23. Inspirational quotes. They're everywhere. On sticky notes, on the fridge, on Facebook, on her Pinterest boards, everywhere.

22. When you go out to eat, she'll have the chicken. She'll always have the chicken.

21. She hasn't seen any Wes Anderson films, but she really wants to.

20. She knows all about the zodiac. She checks her horoscope and she's already checked if you two will be compatible based on your sign.

19. She has trouble taking a joke (this list for example).

18. She would never use the actual terms referenced by "the P-word" or "the C-word."

17. Her favorite flowers are roses.

16. She would describe herself as "traditional," "classy," and "looking for my Prince Charming."

15. She believes that everything happens for a reason.

14. She has a wedding board on Pinterest. And she's not engaged.

13. She has engagement rings bookmarked on her Internet browser.

12. She loves romantic comedies, especially Katherine Heigl movies. She's just waiting for Katherine Heigl to make her comeback.

11. She loved The Hills. She loves Lauren Conrad.

10. She has the "Hey Girl" Ryan Gosling book.

9. She loves to bake.

8. Her go-to desserts are frozen yogurt and cupcakes.

7. When she's getting in shape, she uses hastags like #fitspo. She used to use #thinspiration, but she realized "it's more beautiful to be healthy than skinny."

6. She's obsessed with Disneyland.

5. She could recommend a good self-tanner or five.

4. She loves brunch. Oh, my God, she like lives for brunch.

3. For Halloween, she always dresses as a sexy ____.

2. She's not entirely sure who Nelson Mandela is. Or whether he's still alive.

1. She basically wants to be Kate Middleton.

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