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67 Artists Featured in "All Art Arizona" at Gilbert's Art Intersection

It’s easy to get in the groove of hitting First and Third Fridays in metro Phoenix without making time to explore art by artists working in other parts of Arizona. But there’s an easy solution. It’s the “All Art Arizona” exhibition presented each year by Gilbert's Art Intersection, whose curatorial staff juries pieces submitted by artists from around the state.

This year’s show features more than 85 works by Arizona artists with various experience levels working in a wide range of media including painting, drawing, printmaking, fibers, mixed media, photography, glass, and metal.

Those familiar with the metro Phoenix arts scene will recognize several of the artists featured this time around. Several have exhibited recently at First Studio, Practical Art, ARTELPHX 2015 held at the Clarendon Hotel, and the shipping container galleries located at the Roosevelt A.R.T.S. Market. There are also connections to various collectives. Lee Davis, for example, is a former member of Eye Lounge.

Several participating artists are recent recipients of Arizona-based art awards. Karen Hymer of Tucson received a 2014 Phoenix Art Museum Contemporary Forum Artist Grant, and Jerry Jacobson of Tempe received their 1998 Artists Material Grant. Shari Trennert earned a 2014 Student Art Award in the competition presented by Phoenix College with Phoenix Art Museum.

Artists with college or university connections, including Arizona State University, are well represented in “All Art Arizona.” Ceramicist Danielle Wood has two pieces in the show, which feature her characteristic conjuring of underwater forms recently given the black light and mattress treatment at ARTELPHX. Travis Rice, an ASU MFA recently featured in Juxtapose magazine online, is showing one of his acrylic, reflective vinyl, spray paint, and resin on panel pieces with interlocking, geometric outlines comprising bright neon colors and a slick graffiti vibe.

Elaine Farrar was a founding member of the Yavapai College arts faculty. Maureen Costa earned her ASU MFA in wood in 2010. Beth Shook, whose work also is currently on view in “Birds of a Feather” at The Gallery at Tempe Center for the Arts, earned her ASU MFA in ceramics in 1990. Several pieces in the exhibition punctuate the ongoing influence of ASU artists on the local arts scene.

Spending time with “All Art Arizona” is a bit like taking a trip down memory lane, or a snapshot of the recent history of Arizona arts and culture.

Those who’ve followed the metro Phoenix art scene for several decades will appreciate seeing works by artists, such as Christine Sandifur, who were part of the M.A.R.S. artist cooperative and gallery that operated in Phoenix primarily during the 1980s and 1990s. They specialized in promoting Mexican-American and Chicano artists, something Annie Lopez spoke of at length during her recent artist talk at Phoenix Art Museum. Her husband, artist Jeff Falk, has a piece in this show.

Still, the show is plenty accessible to people who don’t qualify as art nerds. The diversity of media, techniques, style, and subject matter represented gives casual gallery-goers a chance to enjoy a great assortment of art. Some are by relatively new artists, while others have decades of experience and dozens of shows to their credit.

Art Intersection specializes in photography, often exhibiting works and teaching classes featuring techniques for alternate processes, so their annual “All Art Arizona” exhibitions typically includes a good complement of photographic works. This time around you'll see gelatin silver prints, pigmented inkjet prints, digital C-prints, bromoil, instant film emulsion transfer, and more.

Despite the many roots and branches of the Arizona arts scene reflected in the show, “All Art Arizona” is plenty accessible to people who don’t qualify as art nerds. The diversity of media, techniques, style, and subject matter represented gives casual gallery-goers a chance to enjoy a great assortment of art.

“All Art Arizona” continues through July 18. For more information visit Art Intersection online.

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